Friday, November 23, 2012

Timeless Barragán...

As an architect and painter I have always been deeply inspired by the work of Mexican Architect Luis Barragán,  one of our great masters and winner of the Pritzker Price in 1980. Yesterday,  November 22nd was the 24th aniversary of his death.  But for me he is still alive,  timeless... through his genius and the deep subtleness of his work.  His spaces remain quiet,  in silence,  inviting us to recover the serenity we have lost with the desperate,  non stop rhythm of the busy and complex times in wich we live.

I wish I can transmit some of this joy of color and tranquility through my work!

If you are able to read in Spanish I invite you to read some of his statements about Art and Architecture,  in the following link (certainly available in English too...),  I'm sure you will find them very enriching!