Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Design in Majorca: New Trends

"Solid"  by Joan Muñoz

Joan Muñoz is on the top list of Majorcan Designers.  In a constant research of new ideas,  new forms and new materials,  his work is absolutely outstanding.  Never worried about originality,  his designs transmit the simple joy of the process of creating.  And the results are awesome!  Purity of lines,  fressness,  elegance,  lightness,  simplicity...   After,  originality arises,  in a very natural way...                                                                                                                  
Another exceptional quality that I find in Joan's work is that his vision of contemporary design is full of warmth...                              

Not only talented,  Joan is truly someone in love with life and has also an extraordinary sense of humor...   This cocktail of qualities make of him one of the most promising young designers of Majorca,  and reflect the new spirit of the island.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Logic Moon

And 2012 arrived for me like this
Very gently,  very peacefully and very smooth
Like the first lights of the morning
And almost without noticing it...

And 2012 arrived for me like this
With a small group of people
The last ones that remained
After a night full of joy
Talking about anything,  talking about nothing,  maybe laughing...

I was not tired at all
I was just very quiet,  observing,  listening,  feeling...
There was a sort of happiness in the air
Was it the presence of deep love and understanding in my heart?
Or just my heart simply and finally in peace?

And 2012 arrived for me like this
Like a promise
A promise of life
A promise of changes
A promise of something new
A promise of happiness for everyone
Like the promise of a World that was going to rebirth...

And 2012 arrived for me like this
Very quiet,  very peaceful,  and with this music
That filled up the space in a very particular and unexpected way...

I did not wake up,  because I did not sleep
But I was more awaken than ever...