Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nikola Saric: WEBS

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Nikola Saric (1985) is a young Serbian artist that lives and works in Germany.

Graduated from the TechnoArt School in Belgrade, in the branch of jewelry of art objects. In 2006 he enrolled the studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. A year later he changed to study wall painting at the Academy of Serbian Orthodox Church for Arts and Conservation, where he actually works on MA degree.
He has participated in several exhibitions at home and abroad, and was invited to develop  the project for the new floor mosaic for the Church of St. Petka in the Municipality of Paris Bondy, with the task of creating a richer cultural content and a more attractive tourism offer for this municipality. 

Today he focuses on projects of mural paintings,  for private interiors and public display. In 2010 he created the Wall Suit concept,  an original proposition to understand wall painting and design,  as a way to dress up a space.  And the following year he started a fashion label with the same name,  based in Hannover,  Germany.

All along the History of Art,  walls have been painted,  decorated with plaster,  stone,  wood,  and all sort of materials.  From the Prehistoric cave drawings,  through the murals of The Renaissence and the art of Keith Haring,  wall art has been an expression of the culture of it's time.  Modern societies seem to have forgotten this,  to express the culture of their time on their walls.  With his Wall Suit concept,  Nikola gives a another meaning to a wall,  an alternative view to suit the space,  and the wall becomes a work of art.

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