Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It will be a great pleasure and a big honor for me,  to listen to the music of my friends Alejandro & Diego in Es Caló.  An ideal background for the exhibition...!
The brightness and smooth rythm of their music have always been a source of inspiration for my work.

Their "Last Day on the Beach" is an extraordinary record.  In it,  Babel describes with a subtile mixture of colors,  the wonderful landscapes and beaches in Mallorca,   and the natural vocation of the island to be a melting pot of different cultures.  The purpose of Babel,   "to integrate people through art" exemplifies very well a growing need to find new ways to build a better world.

To make a small tour and enjoy their music:


Be a part of the experience and degustate the delicious food of Es Caló during the concert!

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