Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Richard Diebenkorn: Abstract Landscapes

As an architect I was very touched by the work of Diebenkorn in my first paintings.  Specially the abstract landscapes.  I probably discovered his Ocean Parks on my first trip to New York,  when I was still an Architecture student.  Their equilibrated compositions,  some of them conceived as real plans,  the impact of colors,  the subtile proportions between all the elements,  and the quietness and poetry of these works,  were qualities I recognized inmediately in myself.  Or,  in any case,  that had a lot to do with my own research.  
I remember I brought back home a poster of one of these fantastic Ocean Parks,  wich I hung right away in a privileged wall,  to inspire me in my everyday life.  Watching it over and over,  every time I discovered something new.  This painting was a real a source of joy!  It stood there for years...

Now,  looking back at Diebenkorn's paintings,  I still enjoy them.  And confirm that certain works of art are timeless...
I love the spirit in wich they are done.  They talk to me about someone who is in peace with himself and with the world that surrounds him.
They also talk about silence,  a real meditation... 
And they remind me that to be happy or sad is an everyday choice.

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